How Triathletes Can Sleep Better


Don’t believe people who tell you that sleep is only for the weak. Everyone needs it, regardless of profession and hobby. As a triathlete, a quality and adequate sleep is a must. Sleep is your body’s natural mechanism for getting rid of toxins and preparing yourself to perform at your best the next day.


Never take your sleep for granted. You need lots of it as a sports enthusiast. Finding it hard to get your much-needed shut-eye? Here are some tips to help you get more and better Zs.

1. Do your exercise in the morning

A recent study found that morning workouts speed up body temperature drops that you need to fall asleep easily. If you exercise at night, you will find it harder to sleep because your faster heart rate and higher body temperature keep you awake.

2. Keep your bedroom cool

An environment that is too warm is not conducive to sleep. Especially during summer, turn on your air conditioner or air cooler to help induce sleep.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Of course, this is a no-brainer for triathletes. Hydration helps lower your body temperature for better sleep. And when you exercise a lot during the day, you will need more water intake as your body produces a lot of heat. Sleeping can be a struggle if your body has too much stored heat.

4. Stay calm

Having trouble getting your brain to shut off at night? Worry not because you are not alone. There are athletes that report having difficulty getting themselves to sleep at night. If you often check your email and social media accounts before you sleep, then it is time to stop that habit because it is not helping you get a good night’s sleep. Rather than read from a screen, you are better off reading a book, magazine, or any physical reading material.

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