Running Shoes for Triathletes

Triathlons are often won and loss in the running leg. In addition to training and proper nutrition, it’s key to take advantage of every opportunity allowed during a triathlon.

This includes wearing the correct running shoes even (and especially) if you need stability running shoes for low arches.

Too often, triathletes are focused on other gear such as their bikes and wetsuits and don’t pay enough attention to their footwear. This is a mistake.

If you are fitted with the right pair of shoes, not only will your runs be more comfortable and efficient – but you’ll perform better as well.

Here are some suggestions to be mindful of when purchasing a pair of running shoes.

Allow room at the front of the shoe

Many runners like wearing their shoes tight. This gives you a locked in feel. But it’s better to leave some room at the front of your shoe. You should have at least a thumbs-width between the shoe and your toes. Even better if you can “play the piano” with your toes.

Without this extra room, you risk painful toes and black toenails. Your feet swell during runs – without this extra room your feet will become squished.

Generally, you should go up a 1/2 size from what you wear for dress shoes.

Get the right shoe for your foot

Everyone’s foot is different. It’s important that your foot structure and stride match the shoe. Some runners need a neutral shoe. Others need some extra support. Be sure to get fitted at a running store for the right shoe!

Test drive the shoe

Make sure you purchase your running shoes from a location that will let you test them out first. At a minimum, a good running store will let you run on a treadmill. Most will let you run outside.

If you have to buy them online, find a retailer that allows you to run in shoes.

If you find that your feet hurt or the shoes aren’t comfortable running in them, swap them out for another pair.

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