Triathlon: A Great Way to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Have you been struggling to lose weight for a long time? Crash diets and diet pills are just quick fixes that will leave you feeling stressed and depressed. One of the best ways to end your battle with the weighing scale is to start a journey in triathlon. If you know how to bike and swim (of course, you should know how to run), then there is no reason not to pursue this worthwhile sports activity.


Triathlon makes an effective exercise regimen because it helps you develop your motivation, a goal, a healthy workout plan, and a measurable result. In addition to that, it caters to people who easily get bored with routines. Triathlon offers variety in schedules and challenges because you have to target and hit a fitness goal.

So why waste your time and money on expensive exercise equipment and fad diets when you can shed pounds for free when you go for a triathlon?

Here are the ways triathlon can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

It forces you to have a goal, no matter how daunting it is

As soon as you join a triathlon event or race, you are compelled to set a goal and a deadline for yourself. Without a goal, your efforts will go nowhere. Triathlon makes your goal, even if it is overwhelming, seem more doable because you can break it down into smaller ones. For example, you can bike today, run longer tomorrow, and swim the next day.

It gives you a sense of direction

Triathlon literally points you toward a clear direction, which is a finish line. The desire to make it to the finish line is a great motivation even for people who do not easily get motivated when it comes to fitness.

Its results are measurable

How long you run, your race finishes, training times, and other measurable and recordable results are what you can expect when you delve into triathlon.